Openjobmetis and associations

  • confindustria


    Openjobmetis adheres to Confindustria, the main organisation representing manufacturing and services companies in Italy, by implementing the main guidelines and sharing the contents of the ethical code and charter of values.

    Indeed, the ethical principles on which the company is based regard compliance with the law, transparency and fair management, and the trust of its stakeholders. This allows us to compete efficiently and fairly on the market, to improve our client companies' satisfaction, and to develop the skills and professional growth of our Human Resources.
  • assosomm


    Openjobmetis is a member of Assosomm, Associazione italiana delle Agenzie per il Lavoro (Italian Association of Private Employment Agencies). On 14 February 2013, Rosario Rasizza, Openjobmetis' CEO, was appointed as Chairman. Today, Assosomm is an innovative, dynamic and attentive association, willing to listen to the opinions and proposals of all of its Members.

    Assosomm's purpose is to translate the wide range of requests from its Members into institutional and social requests and provide extensive operational, juridical and contractual assistance.