Your questions

Yes, there are no branch registration costs or fees.

As a Private Employment Agency, Openjobmetis can offer mainly two types of contracts. With the first, the temporary work contract, you are hired by us with a regular employment contract; with the second, instead, you are hired directly by the company: in this latter case you will know in advance with which form of contract you will be hired. Thanks to the recent reform, Openjobmetis can also offer you employment through an apprenticeship contract: if you are between 18 and 29 years of age ask your reference branch for further information.

Online registration is more immediate, practical and quick: your CV enters our database in real time and is connected to the nearest branch or to the branch you have chosen. You can visit one of our branches and leave a paper copy of your CV.

You can leave your CV at the most handy branch for you. Our database is shared at national level, this means that every branch can see your CV.

Yes, of course. By registering at a branch, you’re not signing any exclusive contract with Openjobmetis.


We can’t say how long it will take: we could call you after a few hours or after some days, even weeks. It depends whether ongoing recruitment corresponds to your profile or not.

Branch selection managers are at your disposal to read your CV together with you and give you any advice and suggestions you need to write it correctly. Otherwise we suggest you read the “Our guide” page of our website.

It isn’t necessary. If we need to contact you, you can simply let us know that you’re already working. If you should end the job experience, remember to update your CV (on our website or by popping into a branch).

Yes, you can discover them in the “Specialised divisions” page. Please remember though that you can receive all the information you need about our specialised divisions and submit your application for a specific professional area simply by entering any Openjobmetis division whatsoever.


Absolutely not. Openjobmetis workers are hired with the same wage and contribution level of a worker hired directly by the company, with equal role (level).
Obviously, Openjobmetis has a gain, which it receives directly from the company with which it enters into a commercial agreement and which doesn’t affect the worker’s pay-packet in any way.