Active policies

Politiche attiveWhat are active policies? They are public interventions designed to support the weakest sectors of the labour market, aiming to help their introduction or re-introduction into the labour market through professional requalification programmes or incentives for companies, in order to stimulate their hiring. In order to adjust the professional characteristics of the job offer to the demand, the professional guidance and training services to be delivered by approved operators are defined by means of special tenders.

What does Openjobmetis do? The role of Agencies is increasingly more important in the labour market and generates responsibilities that go beyond the correct management of the proposed activities: Openjobmetis, therefore, provides clients and applicants with the information needed to become familiar with ongoing active policy projects throughout the country and to decide whether it is appropriate to use them.

If interested, Openjobmetis offers its consulting services to both clients and applicants(as potential beneficiaries of the active policies projects), since it is familiar with their objectives and can help them benefit effectively from professional requalification and/or work placement through special contracts (e.g. apprenticeship contracts) subject to incentives.

The operational stages that Openjobmetis is able to handle are: advertising of opportunities, verification that both applicants and companies meet requirements, job interviews with regard to professional routes and opportunities, creation of skills profiles, consulting with regard to employment contracts even during follow-up after introduction into the company.

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