Bank and finance

Bank and finance

It’s the division tailored for you if: you have gained interesting skills and experience in banks and insurance companies and are looking for new opportunities, have a way with numbers and feel at ease in collar and tie or suit.

Our customers: banks, insurance companies, finance and consumption credit companies, brokers..

The most required profiles are:

    •    Insurance agent/Broker
    •    Loss adjuster
    •    Insurance technical experts
    •    Insurance producer
    •    Insurance subagent
    •    Retail manager
    •    Actuary
    •    Back office in the bank area
    •    Front office in the securities area
    •    Risk manager
    •    Employee – supervisory reporting
    •    Employee - credit department
    •    Employee -- loans department
    •    Middle office – bank area
    •    Exchange operator
    •    Bank credits operator

    •    Teller
    •    Foreign operator
    •    Securities operator
    •    Bank officer
    •    Financial promoter
    •    Bank treasurer
    •    Trader

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