Large-scale retail trade

Large-scale retail trade

It’s the division tailored for you if: you are dynamic, have excellent relational skills, are able to work in team and in direct contact with the public or have experience as cashier, butcher, delicatessen worker, etc.

Our customers: supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount chains, cash & carry, shops, large food and non-food retail chains (furniture, clothes, household appliances/electronics).

The most required profiles are:
    •    Shop assistant
    •    Sales personnel
    •    Floor manager
    •    Cashier
    •    Stock taker
    •    Merchandiser
    •    Promoter
    •    Stand assistant
    •    Window-dresser
    •    Shelf operator
    •    Baker
    •    Butcher
    •    Fish department worker
    •    Pastry department worker
    •    Safety operator
    •    Delicatessen department worker

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