It’s the division tailored for you if: you are a highly experienced worker, you can work on particular machines (CNC, lathe, MIG or TIG welding machines), you have a technical diploma and you want to learn and specialise through targeted professional training courses.

Our customers: from small to large companies, working mainly in the engineering, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil sectors, shipyards and specialised workshops..

The most required profiles are:

    •    Carpenter
    •    Boilermaker
    •    Pipe-fitters
    •    TIG and electrode radiography welder
    •    MIG welder on different metals
    •    Arc welder
    •    Mechanical and electromechanical fitter
    •    Borer
    •    Foundry worker in charge of the cores
    •    Lift operator
    •    Machine tool technician
    •    Body shop mechanic
    •    Smith - forger
    •    Milling machine operator
    •    Turner
    •    Refrigerator technician
    •    Grinding operator
    •    EDM operator
    •    Mechanical maintenance technician
    •    Packaging operator
    •    CNC machines’ operator
    •    Painter
    •    Storekeeper

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