Diversity Talent


The Diversity Talent division works with the objective of converting "diversity" into an "opportunity", by providing companies and applicants with a team of experts capable of selecting and managing resources that are difficult to introduce into the labour market, in order to enhance their individual features.

The division operates through three lines:

H Talent: specialised in the employment according to Italian Law 68/99

New Talent: specialised in the employment of redundant workers, workers receiving unemployment benefits and workers over 45 years of age.

First Talent: specialised in the employment of young people looking for their first job.

The Diversity Talent Division makes use of a team of experts able to assist companies - and applicants - during the recruitment, selection, introduction and follow-up phases, while at the same time developing a corporate culture focused on enhancing "diversity".

Diversity Talent professionals work transversally across all sectors and throughout Italy, through:

- careful analysis of needs and preliminary evaluation of the company context, in order to identify the most suitable person to cover a particular position
- a targeted recruitment and selection process, also thanks to a highly differentiated database based on roles and skills
- an administrative and regulatory consultancy service, regarding opportunities for tax and contribution reductions currently provided for by law.

For further information write to: diversity.roma1@openjob.it